Madeline Rohlfing

Basic Information

Name: Madeline Rohlfing

Number: 54

Position: Midfielder, Defender

Class of 2023

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2019: U16 Disney Showcase guest player for Washington Wolves

2019: U16 National Indoor Tournament Pool V

2019: Middle school female Award for excellence in Athletics

2019: Middle school MVP field hockey award

2018-2019: U16 Futures Region 5

2018: U14 Shooting Stars Showcase

2018: U14 Summer Bash Showcase Virginia Beach

2018: U14 JPOL

2017: University of Maryland field hockey MVP award for Middle School

2017: U14 National Indoor Tournament

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2018: IMAC league champions

2017: IMAC league champions

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: Honors geometry, Honors physics, Honors French, Honors English

Other Sports Played: Lacrosse, basketball

Extracurricular Activities: Student Ambassador, Meals for many, 7th grade student council member