Madison Orsi

Basic Information

Name: Madison Orsi

Number: 24

Position: Midfielder

Class of 2022

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2017: Selected on International Team and travel to Holland

2016: Played both U14 and U16 Indoor Season

2016: School Starter

2016: Selected for Festivals Team

2016: Qualified for NIT with U14 eam in the U16 Qualifiers (won all but one game)

2016: WC Eagles Indoor Season – Team Gold

2016: U14 Player for the Shooting Stars Tourney

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

University of Louisville Camp, on 2018 recruit team (camp champions)

NCC U14, Spooky Nook (Gold Medal)

International Play: Holland Tour (WC Eagles) June 2017

RCC U14, Spooky Nook (Gold Medal)

Shooting Stars Tourney, Delaware (Xcalibur U16) Gold Medal

NIT’s U14 Team Blue (Jun) Gold

NIT’s U16 Team Orange (Guy) 2nd Place

Plays both U14 and U16 Indoor

U14 Indoor (Team Blue) Coach: Jun

U16 Indoor (Team Orange) Coach: Guy

U of Penn Clinic/Tourney U16, January 2016

U16 Player for Festival, November 2016

2015: NIT U12

2015: JMU Summer Camp

Top U12 X Team

Penn State U14

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: All A’s Honor Roll, Distinguished Honor Roll, Pride Metal

Other Sports Played: Soccer: ODP and selected for the advanced US Training Center, Penn Fusion Club, Lacrosse

Extracurricular Activities:

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