Maura Minter

Basic Information

Name: Maura Minter


Position: Forward/Midfield

Class of 2020

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2017: Super Sixty January Freshman Camp

2017: Shooting Star Easter Showcase (Horizon FHC)

2017: U16 NIT Horizon FHC

2017: U16 NIT Qualifier at Ursinus College, leading goal scorer (Horizon FHC)

2016-2017: World Camp USA

2016: National Hockey Festival, West Palm Beach, FL (Horizon FHC)

2016: Unionville High School JV Player (Freshman year)

2015: Regional Futures Tournament

2014-2015: Patton Middle School Hockey Starter

2013-2016: Horizon FHC Member 

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2017: NIT Spooky Nook Lancaster, PA (U16 Horizon Fire)

2017: Ursinus Qualifiers for NIT (Horizon U16 Fire)

2017: U16 Shooting Star Tournament Horizon FHC (3rd in pool)

2016: U16 Blast Horizon FHC (3rd in pool)

2016: Unionville High School JV (won every game except 1)

2014: Patton Middle School Undefeated Season

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: Middle School Career: High Honors (6th Grade), Distinguished Honors (7th and 8th Grade)

Freshman Year: 4.4 GPA, Distinguished Honor Roll (2016-17), Honors Algebra 2, Honors Biology, Academic Spanish 2, Honors English, Academic Western Civ, hand selected as a mentor for incoming freshman

Sophomore Year Classes: Honors Advanced Math, AP Biology, Honors Chemistry, Academic Spanish 3, Honors English, Honors World History

Other Sports Played: Lacrosse (for high school), swimming and winter track (for high school)

Extracurricular Activities: SHOC mentor at Unionville