Riley McDonald

Basic Information

Name: Riley McDonald

Number: 45

Position: Forward/Mid/Defense

Grade: Class of 2020

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2017: PA All State HM

2017: All Area HM

2017: Varsity Starter

2016: Freshman Varsity Player

2015: Easton Middle School Team Captain

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2017: Team Second Place District 11

2017: Team State Qualifier

2017: NIT Team Qualifier Pool J

2016: NIT Team Qualifier Pool D

2016 Pool Winner of Mystix Tournament (Indoor)

2015: Pool Winner of Shooting Star Tournament (Indoor)

2015: Easton Middle School Undefeated Season

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: Top 10% of Class, High Honors & Honor Society (2012-2016), PJAS First Place Winner & State Competitor (2016), Academic Excellence Award (2016), Rising Star Award (2016), Outstanding Student Award for Physical Education (2015)

Other Sports Played: Varsity Lacrosse

Extracurricular Activities: Federation of Christian Athletes member, Student Council (2014-2016), Field Hockey Referee (2015-2016), EAMS Channel 22 News Crew & Broadcaster (2016), School Play Director (2016), School Play Sound Technician (2015)