Exercise Directory

Just a sampling of the many movements used in our programs, demonstrated by WC Eagles players.

As there are hundreds of exercises, including stretches and warm-up movements, we strongly encourage you to visit YouTube to study the abundant video clips there on virtually every exercise that exists.

*Primary exercises are listed first, secondary exercises are in italics.



Nordic Eccentric Hamstring Curl

Stiff-leg/Romanian Deadlift


Multi-Hip Machine

Standing Knee Flexion (Hamstring Curl) Machine

Knee Extension Machine

Hip AAEF-Cable Machine

Donkey Calf Raise


Pullup/Chinup (Assisted)


Parallel Dip

Inverted Row (Leaning Pullup)

Bent-over Row

Triceps Dip

Overhead Press

Lat Pulldown

Seated Cable Row


Kettlebell Swing

Unilateral Work

Turkish Get-up

Slide Board

Olympic Barbell Clean

Bongo Board

Balance Disc

Push Me

Cable Chop

Horizontal Hip Extensions

Ab Wheel

Roller Massage



Hanging Knee Raise

Hip Exercises

To Our WC Eagles Family,

Due to the rapidly changing developments in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all activities at The Training Center are suspended and the building will be closed until further notice.

Our plan is to run all programs (lessons, training, leagues, tournaments etc) in their entirety, but with a delayed start. As more information becomes available with this ever-changing situation, we will provide updates on this website and via email to all of our members.

Thank you for your support of WC Eagles