The S&C Program at The Training Center

Our weight-room here at The Training Center provides us with all the equipment, expertise, and innovation needed to develop your daughter’s physical potential to its highest competitive level. Our programs incorporate the latest S&C science and techniques; this includes a predominance of strength and power movements which are body-weight and single-leg oriented. Not only does this reduce the need for large amounts of iron, it’s more functional and reproducible for the player away from our facility.

All of our training is consistent with the most current, proven principles and methods, with the primary goal of developing functional power geared to the needs of the sport. We begin with individual fitness assessments using standard tests. The programs are progressive, with each girl keeping written training logs. They’re also cyclical, varying intensity and duration with sports-season demands.

Our experience is that many girls by nature (and societal conditioning) are initially intimidated by strength and power training, and require a much different approach than boys do. Our S&C training is conducted in a non-competitive environment (no “boot-camp” style yelling or whistles!). It is self-paced, encouraging, rather than pushing, with a focus on individual ability and mutually-supporting teamwork. Regardless of age, initial focus will be on body-weight movements, progressing in intensity and difficulty well within safe parameters. Safety is primary in all of our training and all players will be required to demonstrate correct technique both in exercise performance and as spotters.

We prefer to train in small groups, preferably of three (called “WINGS”). In addition to fostering camaraderie and teamwork, this facilitates Partner-assisted and Partner-resisted training.

This also allows us to innovate and improvise, augmenting our machines, free-weights and other training gear with free-hand exercises that can be used at home. And that’s important because we not only expect the athlete to practice on her own, but we strongly encourage parental participation.

The remarkable variety of human movement offers literally hundreds of exercises. Variety is important to maintaining interest and motivation. So is fun!

Participant feedback is important to us, and we encourage players’ input to help us improve the program. Training evaluation forms will be provided at the conclusion of training cycles.

A typical training session will include at least ten minutes of dynamic warm-up drills, power-movements and strength-training, along with speed, agility, balance and flexibility moves.

For specific questions regarding training, please contact the S&C Director through e-mail:


Individual (by appointment): $40/hr
2 Players: $30 each/hr
3 or 4 Players: $20 each/hr Class Packages: 8 Sessions $100 16 Sessions $190

Enrollment includes unlimited use of weight-room during facility operating hours (when not in use by classes). A minimum of three players must be present.

Orientation and information sessions will be scheduled as needed, and open to all players and parents at no cost. Attendance is mandatory for all players enrolling in programs.