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WC Eagles Field Hockey Club Announces 48 High School Class of 2022 College Destinations

WC Eagles Field Hockey Club Announces 48 High School Class of 2022 College Destinations

WC Eagles Field Hockey Club Announces 48 High School Class of 2022 College Destinations. Front Row (L to R): Coach Jun Kentwell, Raphaela Fragomeni, Katie Convey, Lauren Kenah, Morgan Shea McMenamin, Ryleigh Heck, Sophia Parker, Ryan Hickey, Lauren Eves, Kayla Minkon, Adeline Gori, Isabella Ospitale, Gianna Cilluffo. Back Row (L to R): Maddie Hudson, Grace Ann McCooey, Hope Delaney, Maia Dechiario, Riley Hudson, Madison Orsi, […]

7 WC Eagles Selected for 2022 Junior World Cup

7 WC Eagles Selected for 2022 Junior World Cup

Congratulations to our 7 WC Eagles who have been selected to play for Team USA in the Junior (Under 21) World Cup in Potchefstroom, South Africa this April 1 thru 12. Margo Carlin Charlotte de Vries Riley Donnelly Madison Kahn Hope Rose Ashley Sessa Lauren Wadas

WC Eagles – 2021 Year in Review

WC Eagles – 2021 Year in Review

I am very pleased to share with you some of the outstanding achievements by our current W C Eagles teams and players and our alumni this past year: 2021 CLUB RESULTS DISNEY: WC Eagles repeated as both the Under 16 and Under 19 Disney Champions NATIONAL INDOOR TOURNAMENT: WC Eagles won the top Pool in every age group at the NITs, Under 10, 12, 14, […]


National Tournaments

National Club Champions

2021 – U14, U16 & U19
2020 – Not Held
2019 – U14, U16 & U19
2018 – U14, U16, & U19
2017 – U14 & U16
2016 – U14, U16, (U19 Silver Medal)
2015 – U14, U16, & U19
2014 – U14, U16, & U19
2013 – U14, U16, & U19
2012 – U14 & U19 (U16 Silver Medal)
2009 – U12, U14, & U16

NIT Pool Champions

2022 – U10(x1),U12(x3),U14(x3),U16(x6),U19(x7)
2021 – U10(x1),U12(x3),U14(x4),U16(x6),U19(x5)
2020 – U10(x1),U12(x1),U14(x2),U16(x4),U19(x7)
2019 – U10(x1),U12(x1),U14(x3),U16(x6),U19(x5)
2018 – U14(x5),U16(x6),U19(x5)
2017 – U10, U12 (x3), U14 (x2), U16 (x6), U19 (x10)
2016 – U10, U12 (x2), U14 (x6), U16 (x10), U19 (x6)
2015 – U10, U12, U14 (x2) U16 (x5), & U19 (x5)
2014 – U12 (x2), U14, U16 (x5), & U19 (x4)
2013 – U14, U16 (x3), & U19 (x5)
2012 – U14, U16 (x2), & U19 (x2)
2011 – U14, U16 (x4), & U19 (x3)
2010 – U16 (x4) & U19 (x4)
2009 – U14, U16 (x2), & U19
2008 – U14 & U19
2007 – U19
2006 – U14 & U16

Disney Showcase Champions

2022 – U16 & U19
2021 – U16 & U19
2020 – U16 & U19
2019 – U16 & U19
2018 – U16 & U19
2015 – U16 (x2) & U19
2014 – U16 (x2) & U19
2013 – U16 (x2) & U19
2012 – U16 & U19
2011 – U16
2009 – U16
2007 – U16 & U19

Festival Champions

2014 – U14, U16, & U19
2013 – U14 (x2) & U16
2012 – U16
2011 – U16 (x2)
2010 – U16 (x2) & U19
2009 – U16 & U19
2008 – U16 & U19
2007 – U16 & U19
2006 – U16
2005 – U16

To provide a progressive field hockey program in a challenging environment where girls and young women from the ages of 8 through 18 can train and develop to be the best players they can be. To give each player the skills, tactical understanding, vision, discipline, work ethic, decision making, and mental preparedness to play at the college level and beyond. Through the vehicle of field hockey we hope to provide each player with life skills that they will take forward into school, college, the work force, and their personal lives.

We encourage our players to venture out of their comfort zone to try and experience new techniques and tactics in a competitive environment. An environment that helps the players to feel comfortable under the pressure of time and space, and develops creative and confident players with vision, who can make good decisions.

In 2009 we built The Training Center, the first and only field hockey specific facility in the USA, to foster and develop the sport for girls and women in the tri-state area and beyond. The Training Center not only provides both indoor and outdoor facilities for the WC Eagles players to train, but also for other clubs and players from across the eastern seaboard to come to compete, gain experience, and develop a passion for the sport.

The Training Center is the home of WC Eagles Field Hockey Club. Built in 2008, this field hockey specific facility features 3 indoor courts and the spectacular Joe Neuber Field, our gorgeous outdoor stadium with a state-of-the-art TigerTurf playing surface.

Inside, each court is surrounded by 8-ft glass panel boards which extend to the floor to give unobstructed views of the action. You’ll also find a fully equipped snack bar, meeting rooms, a weight room and a merchandise shop where you can find all your WC Eagles apparel and accessories.

To learn more, visit The Training Center website at