Devyn Conlan

Basic Information

Name: Devyn Conlan

Number: 10

Position: Forward

Class of 2025

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2022- U16 Nexus

2022- U16 Disney Showcase Team Selection

2022- WC Eagles U19 White NITQ Selection

2022- WC Eagles U16 Red NITQ Selection

2021- U16 Shooting Star Thanksgiving Team Selection

2021- HS Varsity MVP

2021- All Inter-Ac League Second Team Selection

2021- Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Varsity Starter

2021- U16 Nexus Championship Selection.

2021- U16 NIT Team Selection

2020-Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Varsity Field Hockey Offensive Player of the Year

2020-Springside Chestnut Hill Athlete of the Week Award

2020-Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Varsity Starter as an 8th Grader

2020-U14 NIT Team Selection Pool F

2019-U14 Shooting Star Tournament Team Selection

2019-Keith Valley Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Team Selection

2019-Futures Region 5

2019-U14 NIT Team Selection (Mayhem FHC)

2018-U12 Shooting Stars Tournament Team Selection

2017-U14 RCC Team Selection (10yrs old)(Mystx FHC)

2017-U14 JPOL Team Selection (10yrs old)

2017-U14 NIT Team Selection (10yrs old)

2017-U12 NIT Team Selection

2016-U12 NIT Team Selection (9yrs old)

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2021- U16 Shooting Star Thanksgiving Pool Champions

2021- Inter-Ac Commonwealth Cup Champions

2021- U16 NIT Pool M 1st Place

2020- NIT Pool F 1st Place

2019- Shooting Stars Tournament 1st Place

2019-NIT Pool G 1st Place

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: 2016-2017 Honor Roll
2016-2017 Honor Roll

2017-2018 Honor Roll

2017-2018 Physical Education Award

2018-2019 Distinguished Honor Roll

2018-2019 Physical Education Award

2019-2020 Distinguished Honor Roll

Service Council

Student Ambassador


3.7 GPA

Other Sports Played: Squash

Extracurricular Activities: Skiing