Natalie Freeman

Basic Information

Name: Natalie Freeman


Position: Forward

Class of 2023

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2018: 1st Round selection for AAU Junior Olympics
2018: U14 Stars & Stripes Elite game selection
2017, 2018: National Futures Championships (U14)
2017, 2018: University of Maryland FH Camp All-Star Selection
2017, 2018: Futures Region 7 (u14)

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2018: U16 NCCs – 12th place (Freedom HKY)
2018: U14 NCCs – 6th place (Freedom HKY)
2018: Summer Bash Northeast, Pool A, U14 Champions (Freedom HKY)
2018: U16 RCCs (Region 7) – 1st place (Freedom HKY)
2018: U14 RCCs (Region 7) – 1st place (Freedom HKY)
2018: Shooting Star Easter, Pool C, U16 Champions (Freedom HKY)
2018: National Indoor Tournament – Pool O (U14) – 1st Place (Freedom HKY)
2018: U14 Junior Premiere Indoor League – 2nd Place (Freedom HKY)
2018: Disney Showcase (U14) Top Flight Elsa (5th-8th place; Freedom HKY)
2017: National Field Hockey Festival – Pool B (U14) – 4th Place (Freedom HKY)
2017: Summer Bash – Pool D (U14) – 3rd Place (Freedom HKY)
2017: National Club Championships (U14) – 2nd Place (Freedom HKY)
2017: Regional Club Championships (U14) – 2nd Place (Freedom HKY)

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors:

Other Sports Played: Lacrosse

Extracurricular Activities: