Minah Cho

Minah Cho

Basic Information

Name: Minah Cho

Number: 55

Position: Forward, Midfield

Class of 2025

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2022: Varsity Letter as a Sophomore

2019: John A Harter award for Most Improved Athlete

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2022: National Indoor Tournament

2022: Winter Escape Tournament

2022: 1st place in Pool E at Shooting Stars Thanksgiving tournament

2021: 1st place May Day tournament

2021: National hockey festival

2021: 1st place at NIT Qualifiers

2020: JPOL

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: Distinguished High Honor Roll 6th-9th grade, Honors Mandarin 2-3, Honors Math (6th-10th grade), Honors Chemistry 2, AP World History and AP Computer Science.

Other Sports Played: Varsity Winter Track, Varsity Golf

Extracurricular Activities: Key Club, Community Service Corps, Excel Field Hockey Camps, Horizons, Co-Founder of Grace Chamber Music Youth Club (plays harp), Founding member of Give Youth non-profit organization, Student council Diversity Equity and Inclusion member (freshman year), One Love Club