Kamryn Henson

Basic Information

Name: Kamryn Henson

Number: 62

Position: Midfielder

Class of 2024

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2021: Max Field Hockey Class of 2024 – 100 Players to Watch

2021: Freshman starter on varsity

2021: First team All-County as a freshman

2021: Lead high school team in goals

2021: Placed in Nexus Elite group

2021: Nexus selection camp participant

2021: Nexus championship selection

2021: Stars and Stripes selection

2021: U16 AAU Junior Olympics selection

2021: U16 Selection Camp

2020: Futures

2019: Junior Premier Indoor League (JPIL) 2nd leading scorer

2019: JPIL U14 MVP

2019: U14 National Futures Championship

2019: Futures

2018: Futures

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2021: U16 NIT selection

2021: U16 NIT gold medalist (WC Eagles Blue)

2021: U16 RCC selection

2021: U16 Region 5 RCC, 1st place

2021: U16 NCC selection

2021: U16 NCC gold medalist

2020: U14 NIT selection

2020: U14 NIT gold medalist (WC Eagles Diamonds)

2020: U16 NIT selection

2020: U16 NIT gold medalist (WC Eagles Fly)

2019: U14 JPIL Champions (Warhawks)

2019: U14 7v7 Disney Showcase Top Team Champions (Warhawks)

2019: A Pool, Shooting Stars Easter U14 Champions (Warhawks)

2019: Mid-Atlantic Regional Cup U16 2nd Place (U14 Warhawks)

2019: U14 Region 7 RCC, 1st place (Warhawks)

2019: U14 NCC, 6th place finish (Warhawks)

2018: U14 NIT gold medalist (Warhawks)

2018: U14 Limelight champions (Warhawks)

2018: U14 Region 7 RCC, 2nd place (Warhawks)

2018: U14 NCC (Warhawks

2017: USAFH National Indoor Tournament, U12 1st Place, Pool G

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: 4.0 GPA, Principal’s Honor Roll (2019- 2021), National Junior Honors Society (2017-20)

Other Sports Played: Club Lacrosse

Extracurricular Activities: Baking, making and editing videos