Lilith Weinlick

Basic Information

Name: Lilith Weinlick

Number: 19

Position: Midfielder

Class of 2021

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2019: WC Eagles U19 NIT Qualifier

2019: WC Eagles U16 NIT Qualifier

2018: WC Eagles U16 Showcase Selection

2018: Varsity Midfielder for VMAHS (Sophomore)

2018: U16 NIT Qualifier

2017: WC Eagles U14 Showcase Selection

2017: U14 NIT Selection

2017: Varsity Lettered (as a Freshman)

2017: All-Star Award, Wake Forest Hockey Camp

2017: U14 Showcase Selection (WC Eagles)

2015: WC Eagles Showcase Selection – U14

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2019: Qualified for U19 NIT

2019: Qualified for U16 NIT

2018: VMAHS Varsity: 2A District 1 Champions

2018: VMAHS Varsity: AACA Champions

2018: Qualified for U16 NIT

2017: Shooting Star Showcase, U14 Pool A Winners (WC Eagles Blue)

2017: USAFH National Indoor Tournament, U14 Pool Winners (WC Eagles)

2017: VMAHS Varsity PIAA 2A State Champions

2017: VMAHS Varsity 2A District 1 Champions

2017: VMAHS AACA Champions

2016: GCAL Champions (VMALS, Varsity)

2016: 1st Place, VMAHS Tournament (VMALS)

2016 & 2015: Summer League Champions (VMALS)

2016 & 2015: 1st Place, Shamrock Tournament (VMALS)

2016: Villa Maria Lower School, Varsity – Summer League Champions

2016: Villa Maria Lower School, Varsity- 2nd Place, GCAL

2016: Villa Maria Lower School, Varsity- 2nd Place, Acorn Tournament

2016: Villa Maria Lower School, Varsity – 2nd Place, Shamrock Tournament

2015: USTC Winter Tournament (with Polar Vortex), 1st

2015: USTC Spring Flick (with Royals), 1st

2014: Acorn Tournament (with Villa Maria), 1st place

2014: USTC Pre-Festival Tournament (with Royals), 1st

2014: Acorn Tournament Champions – Havertown, PA (Villa Maria MS)

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: Current GPA: 3.9 (2019), Achieved First Honors first semester Sophomore year (2018/2019), Achieved First Honors both semesters freshman year (2017/2018), Advanced Math, 2015-2016, Advanced Math, 2016-2017

Other Sports Played: Track & Field, Lacrosse, Soccer, Rugby

Extracurricular Activities: Latin Club, French Club, Art Club, Society of Mary (service club), Youth Field Hockey Referee, Yearbook Committee (Layout/Design), Girls Scouts, CCAA Fine Arts, People Light Youth Stage