Marrakech Cunliffe

Basic Information

Name: Marra Cunliffe

Number: 8

Position: Midfielder

Grade: Class of 2019

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

Warwick Varsity Team as a Freshman/Starting Warwick JV Player

Junior High Letter for Field Hockey

Captain of Junior High Field Hockey Team, Montgomery School

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2015: U14 NIT WC Eagles

2014: U14 NIT WC Eagles

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: 2015-2016 school year: Honors Physics, Honors Humanities History, Honors Humanities English, Linden Hall School for Girls.  Commencement Address Speaker for Montgomery School Lower School Graduation, High Academic Honors (2014-2015, all three trimesters) High Academic Honors (2013-14, all three trimesters), High Academic Honors (2012-2013, all three trimesters)  Participant in American Association of Girls in Science weekend study program

Other Sports Played: US Pony Jumpers, Hunters and Jumpers Equestrian (Equitation, Low Child Adult Jumpers, Short Stirrup), Lacrosse.  (2013-14 Pony Jumper National Finalist – Lexington, KY)

Extracurricular Activities: French Club, Aviation Program (Pilots licensure course of study), Skiing, Photography, Drama/Acting/Musicals, Swimming, Wakeboarding, Boating, Midterm School Musical Soloist