Riley Hudson

Basic Information

Name: Riley Hudson


Position: Forward

Class of 2022

Field Hockey Experience

Individual Field Hockey Accomplishments & Awards:

2019: O16 RISE Junior National Camp

2019: O16 RISE Stars and Stripes

2019: U16 National Futures Championship

2019: Futures Level One Training Region 6

Team Field Hockey Accomplishments:

2019: U19 Region 6 RCC 3rd Place Finish (played up)

2019: U16 Region 6 RCC 5th Place Finish

2019: U16 JPOL 1st Place Finish

2019: U19 Disney Showcase 1st Place Crossover Pool Winner (played up)

2018: U16 NCC 3rd Place Finish

2018: U16Region 6 RCC 1st Place Finish

2018: U16 National Indoor Tournament

2018: U16 Disney Showcase 4th Place Finish overall

2018: U16 JPOL 1st Place Finish

2017: U14 National Hockey Festival 1st Place Finish

2017: U14 National Indoor Tournament Gold Medal Winner

2017: U14 Shooting Star Easter Gold Medal Winner

2017: U14 Region 6 RCC 2nd Place Finish

2017: U14 NCC 11th Place Finish

School Information

Academic Awards/Honors: 2018: Young Writer’s Award, 2017: Art Showcase

Other Sports Played: Varsity Track, Lacrosse and Soccer

Extracurricular Activities: Volunteer at St. Vincent’s Shelter, Babysitter, Interact, Latin Club