Bent Over Row

Performance Notes

A compound movement targeting the back and biceps.

One arm-dumbbell version: As with triceps kickback place the knee and hand of non-working side to provide support on the bench. Keep the back straight or slightly arched. Keep movement close to torso, pulling dumbbell up to waist. Pause in the top position, then lower slowly. Focus on using your back muscles, not your arm, to pull weight up by shrugging it back with your shoulder so the scapula moves inward. Since you’re well- supported and your back has the strongest muscles of your upper body, you should be using as heavy a dumbbell as you can correctly handle on this one.

Barbell version:┬áKeep knees slightly bent and back arched. Pull bar in to waist. This requires more skill and control than the dumbbell version, but it’s a much more productive exercise as it involves many more muscles working isometrically to stabilize your body.

Variants of both of these can be done on the cable machine.